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Monday, January 17, 2011

Writing a blog from my iPod..

Just for jokes/for the sake of testing it out :)

Today I was in school till 6, it was crazy and long but now I know what I really need to revise which is a good thing! Pretty scared about the exam to be honest and I'm usually pretty confident in history.

Conversely to my last blog, I've really taken a shine to Maths and may take it next year?! Weird for me, but we'll see what happens.. Too much going on right now.

But I got my kitty Muffin laying next to me and she makes me happy :)

So yeah I'm in bed right now, it's 11.17 and I have the taste of squares bar in my mouth and I'm wondering when I should sleep, I'm also wondering if it'll rain tomorrow mOrning. I really hope it doesnt, rain makes my hair crusty :(

But listening to it outside is really nice :')

"sometimes the sun spangles and we feel alive"
Such a loser but I love that quote, it's from a poem we're doing in English and it's so cute :) makes me think of summer, I can't wait.

Anyways, pointless blog over! I wonder if this will post properly..

Mind The Gap;

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