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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Half Term

Okay so, like most of you reading this, I'm on half term at the minute. And already it seems like it's going too fast and that it's not long enough. It's only Tuesday!

I went to Uxbridge yesterday (for like the first time in ages, god have the chavs invaded) and surprise surprise, the weather was poo! First day of half term and it decides to rain. Suddenly my expectations of better weather this summer have somewhat gone out the window :(

But speaking about chavs I don't get why some girls feel the need to roll their tops up;
1 - it's pretty much still winter. 2 - there is a thing called a crop top that actually looks nice, and 3 - no one wants to see their bodies, because chances are they're not particularly impressive anyway.
C'mon ladies it's not a good look!

Anyway the poo weather has decided to continue today, so right now I'm looking at a reasonably hefty pile of homework/revison.. hence I'm writing a blog just to prolong the realisation that I should get on. I'm a loooooooser, lols.. :)

I really don't have much to say these days, I reckon I'm thinking too much about what to write so then I end up just coming out with crap that no one actually cares about. Meheh 

Hopefully something exciting happens and we all have a nice half term :)

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