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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I think I write the same words all the time, so I've been a looser and Googled the "word of the day" - which I'm going to incorporate into my blog. Try and find it.

So it seems Summer's on the way, woo :)

I know this because today, the E7 undoubtedly had an exceedingly stronger scent of BO than usual, even with the windows open. Reassuring huh?
It seems everyone anticipates summer so much, and bigs it up.. then it's poo. But I think this Summer is actually going to be so good :) yay!

So, me and Leigh-anne thought to embrace the good weather bestowed upon us Ruislipians today; we walked her dogs. This seemed a good idea.. until I left my house in a shirt, shorts, and a cardigan - only for gusts of wind to emerge from no-where and send me chills via the very tips of my leg hair.
LOL jk, I don't have leg hair..

Oh yeah I ate a big red candle.

Soz watching Anchorman and getting distracted. If ever is Will Ferrell is on TV, it's impossible to eshew any other task, especially homework. Will Ferrell is great!

But yeah the dog walking weren't too bad :)
I'ma watch Anchorman now, bibi

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