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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i don't get it

So, people fall in love and all that yeah - that's nice. 
But c'mon now, let's be honest.. it can't all be rainbows and fairies and shit. For some, potentially - love has no alabi;  it urglay.

What happens when "the one" becomes the ONLY one? (in your life) 
That person becomes your number one priority and soon enough you both turn into obsessed selfish freaks that have no time for anyone else. You know the ones, the cliché, "you hang up!" "..awwh, no, you hang up!" comes to mind.
What's that all about?

Perhaps an inconvenience for the people around them. But wow what a sad way to live. Just sayin'.. loosen up and get some friends or somethin man. GET SOME SPACE

Anyways that's my moan over, I haven't done a blog for ages and this annoyed me today so thought I'd write about it :)

On another note - THE READING LINE UP CAME OUT!!!
Predictably, no, it's not as good as the V line up. And to be quite honest, I haven't heard much stuff from most of the acts.. but WHATEVS :) 
With a weekend of live music, drinking, and jokes you can't complain :D
Anyone else going Reading? Homegirl's gettin excited!

Mind The Gap;

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  1. I enjoy these kind of posts, good read