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Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh ma gaad it's April already!?

Wag wan me Julies, badmans, bitches, homedogs and fellow delinquents. 

Raaah! It's coming to the end of another monotonous Monday, and we're now at the stage at which we're all staring at Facebook. (Just like any other day, but cos it's Monday it's just 1000 times worse)
There's low motivations yet great expectations and even a lil bit'a anticipation for the week to improve.. and hopefully, conclude with an adequate weekend to compensate for another shit week. 
Ahhhh babes.

But, in addition that common scenario, I've thrown in a bit of homework:
Right now I'm eating a banana after typing out some long drama script and my brain is now so monged out I almost just spelt 'write' instead of 'right'. I've now finished my banana. What's with the gross seedy dutty bit at the bottom man?! Old tomatoes are the worst, dappled with shitty brown bruises and they're all squishy inside, aiufjhnwiub!

I just said tomatoes, I meant banana :|

So yeaaaah, I'm just taking a quick break before I move on to French revision for my assessment Wednesday, gotta keep the ball rolling before I just ditch the task entirely. But not too confident I can blag this one.. bad times!

But while we're talking about school - I got into Bishop Ramsey :)

They've only offered me 2 subjects though: Media & Economics. What's that all about? Merrrrr.
Still don't know if I'm staying at Ruislip or not, gay times. I can't make a decision now and stick to it!

I should really get on now, but while I remember, THE WIZ IS IN LIKE, 2 WEEKS! (or something like that) and if you're cool you'd come and see it. I have a main part and everything.. you know the one, 'The Messenger', yeah that's me. Holla at me for tickets because it's good! :)

Mind The Gap;

1 comment:

  1. hey! is bishop ramsey any good? i have not heard of it!.
    don't stress over the decision, take your time!whatever, it's gonna be great :)

    (so, the past 2 posts in my blog are in english, so you can check with no translate machine!hahaaa)

    minding the gap,
    byebyeee for now, hope you have an amazing week!.