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Sunday, April 24, 2011

So little time!

My last blog was like 20 days ago, eeh!

But woah, I guess today is the last day of the Easter break (even though it's Bank Holiday tomorrow) but yeah, dayuuum!
You know when something just goes so quickly but you don't know how you've managed to pass all that time? Yeah..

Well I know this past week, I've spent mostly with Starlight people as it was show week - all went fantastic and even had a cheeky standing ovation on the final night last night :')
And to top it all off, the after show was crazy good. And random, I don't think I actually knew some of the people but still, good times. I just wish I could've embraced the good times for longer.. poo at me leaving early(ish) cos of gay work. Poo head man. Oh yeah, AND I WON BANG :D

But will most definitely be missing Gurd and Arnold who are leaving :( we're all such cuties being so close, but sheesh we're emotional. Regardless: much much love for Starlight <3

On that note, I'm leaving school soon - and that makes me sad.. but I really need a change. Like so bad. It's either me, or just being my age, but anything can quickly become monotonous, I bore easy nowadays. 

I'm even bored of doing this now! Can't think of anything to write.. but I'll be back, hold tight homies.

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