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Sunday, November 20, 2011


I'm trying to decide who would be the best overall boyfriend out of Jacob and Edward. It's sad but let's weigh this up..


- Obvious good looks
tan, muscles.. generally manly

- Frequently topless 
(refer to the previous point)

- Looks like he can 'look after' you
not that us women need looking after but it's nice to know someone (especially someone peng) has got our back

- Drives a motorbike
so maybe that makes him cool, I dunno. But he helped Bella to build one and I've always wanted a Vespa

- Turns into a wolf 
I like animals, esp dogs & cats. But I think a hybrid relationship is slightly controversial. 

- Sensitive but not gay 
genuinely cares about you but he wont start crying like a girl every time he gets a boo boo or after an argument

- Anger problems 
not for me if he's gonna get vex every time there's an inappropriate picture of me on Facebook, although it's nice to know they're jealous

- Too good looking for his own good 
there's no way someone that good looking wont be cocky and love up all the female attention

- Maybe too protective
give me some space man, if he's gonna be up in my grill 24/7 then the novelty of his beauty will just go and that would be a waste

Perhaps I think too much, but I shall evaluate Edward in my next blog as I'm tired now

Mind The Gap;

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