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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2nd November, already?


So half term is over and we're back to school and we got resits next week and the music compositions need to be finished this week and French oral either this week or next but I'm not sure and I must catch up on missed work and blahblahblah...
I could so do with another week off, but wow the (half) term seems to have flown so quickly!

So I've spoken about Malaga, then had 3 parties/gatherings and then work and then, oh hey - school.

Not quite sure why I'm moaning so much, perhaps it's this weather.. what's with winter fashion anyway? You have to layer and layer and layer and layer up and it just makes you look chubz and probably still cold.

Lolz, I've just realised that I've been spelling 'probably' wrong - I thought it was 'probobly' because that's how I say it? Spell checker has saved me. What a mong.

Anyways I cba..

Mind The Gap;

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