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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

why's everyone hate on my swagger?


Haven't done a blog for 10 days, told you my continuity is slippin'

Strangely, and hypocritically enough, I've had a change of heart and started to feel the Christmas spirit. Not to the extent of counting the days etcetc.. but feeling the satisfaction of finding presents in my Mums room.
Unfortunately though, I've not yet found anything.. so the hunt goes on :/

I've also started to find couples slightly cute, especially ones that kinda match each other.
And even more the couples when one of them is obviously really good looking and the other is a little bit shabby, that's cute, it's nice to know some people aren't shallow..

I don't know if I'm shallow or not, I judge people at first by their looks - I wont lie, (but don't everyone?).. but I don't think that stops me from getting to know them/talking to them. And if they're nice that's cool, but I think if they looked like Michael Berryman or some shit I couldn't persue dat further than friends, check it owt..


So it's been snowing, which is gay. That's one thing about me that's remained Scrouge-like, but otherwise, tings are good and I'm happy :)

I'll write again when I have something interesting to say,

Mind The Gap;

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