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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey Blog, back again after a longish gap, again.

Last blog was on 21st December, and since then things just got better and better :)

Christmas was great, I got the iPod I wanted, perfume, clothes, and other bits. Then there was shopping and I finally got another pair of Dr Martens (aka lesbian boots, which no-one seems to like, never mind) and clothes.. 

Bit of a mare though with the sales shopping. Not only did Topshop open like half an hour late (yeah mans got there when it opened!) but I fainted outside the changing rooms..
Either the stress of waiting, the heat, fatigue, my illness from the morning or something else obviously took it's toll on me, and Jordan thought I was having some form of heart-attack or dying because my hand was spazzing out, haha. But it was pretty embarrassing.. and don't think I made it any better by monging out on the Topshop staff room table, whipping off my jumper and boots (my feet were really hot?), and then upon using their toilet, just sitting on it for like 10 minutes not actually doing anything, too weak to even pee? They must of thought I was having a poo or something, cripes. (Haha, cripes)
And afterwards I felt really mank because I hate sitting on other peoples/public toilet seats, ewwww..

But then I felt okayish and got a McDonalds and felt better and then continued to shop.
And that was it :)

Then there was bants with the family at Christmas :')
And of course my Nans 5 star Christmas dinner, love ya Nan!

Before we knew it, it was December 31st! New Years Eve.
The night was great, just had a few people round and I think everyone had a good time :) I did.
And I've since decided that cider is my new drink, good times. We had a lil countdown and there was a tiny bit of sick, but other than that.. 2010 ended pretty perfect for me. I think I grew up a lot this past year!

So, it is now 3rd of January which is luckily a bank holiday, otherwise we would be back at school... but we're back at school tomorrow and that's still pretty gay.
I imagine, like me, that half of my friends on Facebook are spending this final day doing last minute homework. The question I am currently faced with is "How Far Did Methods Of Policing & Punishment Change In The Period 1500 - 1900?"
I would love to answer that question simply with the words "pretty far", but I think seeing as I have an exam in a few weeks, I should perhaps elaborate my answer slightly further. Cba.

Cba cba cba,but I must get on. Ciao for now, I will resume my rambles another day!

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