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Monday, January 3, 2011

You ain't nothing but a hound dawg

Right, so I've finished my History essay (yay!) so I thought I'd write another blog to make up for my week and a bit of silence.

I am about to ask my Mum to make me spaghetti on toast..
She said no, and to make it myself, because once again I cba.. I might settle with a banana instead because there's a juicy looking one right in front of me.. but it's not the same as spaghetti on toast. :/
What's with bananas anyway, they're weird.

I've been thinking lately to start a video blog, I've watched a few and they seem really cool. Although they seem pretty lame at the same time because the people that do them are sometimes wierd. I just watched one and it was of a man with a beard on the phone to someone, it wasn't that interesting. 
It'd be nice to be able to do a video ting on here, but as we've seen before, that's failed. 
So I'm not sure.. do people do video blogs on YouTube? Or like a vlog site? There's always a live ustream thing but doing stuff live scares me and would anyone actually watch it? ... I guess I'll have to think it over ;D

I think I need to improve the general way I write, so I think reading might help. I got the Russell Brand booky wook 2 (autobiography) for Christmas and either he's genuinely swallowed a dictionary, or he's used a thesaurus on every other word  because I can't understand hardly anything in it :| I might persevere with it though, if I start using words like "harbinger" soon - you'll know why.

I might make some spaghetti on toast now.

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