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Thursday, January 6, 2011

That's right, I'ma player, But that's cool.. cos I got it like dat!


I'm just chillin right now, not long home from school.. so I thought I'd write a blog :)

It's either just started to really agitate me or it's become a fashion or I've only just noticed.. or maybe all of them, but wow girls getting their tings out on Facebook lately - what's that all about?
Boobies, leg, butt.. promiscuous poses.. it's all going down. Rank!

And half the girls aren't even pretty, they actually look dirty. 
Like they don't ever take their make-up off or something, proper filth. Like they change boyfriends more than knickers, proper filth. Like they wash in 9 other peoples bath water, proper annefrank filth. Or they don't even wash at all, filth.

But whatever, they still get boys begging it off them, and no wonder these are the kind of girls that always get fucked over, literally. Not that the boys are much better either lol.

I think this song is relevant, big tune here

I also watched Sally Jessy Raphael yesterday.. there was a 14 year old girl who 'loves sex' and 'doesn't care' if she gets aids or an STI. She also said "I'll be quite happy if I'm pregnant, babies are cute"
Of course, we are dealing with Americans here, but this also angered me. Bucket-fannied selfish sweaty sketty bitch. 

Hahah, here's another fine specimen


Mind The Gap;

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