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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Night Blues

Hahahah, my diet failed. 
I'm sure you were all dying to know.. If it wasn't the mid-week Weetabix binge (I had like 6 lol) then the fat burger in Hard Rock Café or last nights Mammas Kitchen definitely ruined it for me.. never mind huh!

It's recently come into light how much I really hate slyness. And back to a blog I wrote late December: WHEN PEOPLE SAY THINGS THEY DON'T MEAN. Don't mess people about man that's fucking long. Why do it? No beating round the bush now, real talkz.

Anyway I've been meaning to write a blog all week, but I either got distracted or had nothing to write about so (evidently) I haven't written one.. however I have nothing to write about now either, so I guess I shouldn't have even started this one! Didn't really think this through..

I'm not even free of distraction either.. I do have some homework I could be doing, but the sunday night blues have taken over and I'm putting my foot (or just to be funny, my pen) down to homework!!

I hope my Mum orders a Tai Pan, hmmm <3

I'm trying to think of something interesting to say and if I'm honest all I've done today is go to work, come back, have a bath and now I'm sitting on my bed with my cat, and of course on facebook/here - so there's not very many interesting things on my mind right now.

Ohh now my cat just jumped off the bed, skank.

Although, I'm loving how things have worked out the past month or so :)
There has been shit to compensate of course, but the good is really good (if that makes sense)

Ouch.. #The awkward moment when you post a link to your formspring on facebook and get no questions.

I accept it's pretty dead now, but still :(

Watch now I'll post this and bet I get no hits...

Mind The Gap;

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