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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's discuss a photo

For those who don't know - I like Taylor Momsen, she's pretty cool. And peng.

I'm not quite sure how she pulls it off: she rolls in dodgy platform shoes, wears questionably trashy outfits, and chills with old ugly band-mates (who might as well be groupies) ..yet she still looks cool. And peng. Not many people can work that.

I wish I was in a band :(
Just to say "yeah I'm in a band".. weather the bands' output being decent or not is another story, but to be in a band is plainly cool. Even though loads of band people are douche bags. I hate those bands!

But joining a band doesn't seem likely for me, so I will continue to discuss another photo..

Greasy chicken - an innocent pleasure of mine. 

This very chicken is actually that of the renowned Mamas Kitchen of South Harrow. If you haven't tried it I'd definitely recommend - chicken.. chips.. chicken burgers.. wings.. kebabs.. they got everything a cheap chicken shop would have. And they deliver for a minimum order of £10, bargain.

I actually ordered £10 worth of chicken to myself once. I think it was a lonely random Friday night. I highly doubt I ate it all, but I assure you - I ate a lot. 
My last endeavour at an MK feast was Friday night (I wasn't alone this time). The chicken was pink almost throughout every piece (which fyi, doesn't always happen), but as a loyal customer I kept my faith in the produce of MK and persevered with the greasy banquet: 2 pieces of chicken (was slacking that night) 1 portion of chips and a can of pepsi later I was inevitably stuffed. 
But nonetheless, satisfied :)

I wish I could write a blog or column for people who I don't actually have to ask to look at my page, I feel like a beg friend or some kind of attention seeking mong. Just not the childish type, hopefully?
So yeah share this link with some other people if you know they have a blogspot, or any blog! It would be nice to have a few more followers. Or just some followers who have actually been on their account in the past year..

ANYWAYS, my brother's ordered a Dominoes and I think it has arrived. Not quite MK, which after writing about - I'm now craving, but it will do. Time to scavenge!

Mind The Gap;


  1. Very nice too read your blog again paigeee<3