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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I put as my facebook status a week or so ago, "everyone's drifting apart"
Which seems to be true as about 12 people liked it (that's right, I felt popular)

Ironically enough, a few people who liked that status are people who I actually feel I'm drifting from.
Now, I'm assuming the thought process of liking this status could be 1 of 2 things... either
"I can empathise here." .. *like* or,
"By liking this status I expect you take the hint and realise that this includes me and you" .. *like*

What to do, eh?

It just seems that either we've all become so busy or wrapped up in something else that we've lost time for others, or even that we just can't be bothered. It's quite sad. 

Change is inevitable sometimes. I'm personally not one to just forget about people, funnily enough I like to stay friends..

But it takes two to tango. Making efforts with some people only for it to be wasted drives me fucking crazy. Again, quite sad. It's hard to know when you're wasting your time or if someone is actually worth the effort though.

Never mind.

Mind The Gap;

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