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Monday, March 12, 2012

The First Day

So last night I stayed at my friend Ciara's, and today I went to school. For one lesson. Then did a bit of work. Left, got my hair cut, and went home. Woo.

It was nice, because it seemed that today was the first day (well there may have been a similar day a few weeks ago but it sounds more significant and important if I say today was the first) where everyone is just a lil bit happier because there are some signs of summer appearing... eg, sun, that's kind of a good start.

I went to the lido with my sister soon after getting home and since I am living this crazy yolo lifestyle these days I ended up a bit tipsy.

I edited the photo too to enhance how crazy it was, shit went down when I found a dead fly/miggie-annoying-fuck-thing in my wine. But it's okay cos my sister swiftly got it out with her nail, and then I worried there would be fly/miggie-annoying-fuck-thing poo in it, and the poo that it probably ate before it decided to die in my glass. Haha, gutted bitch.

Don't have that much more to say tonight, except that I hope all your spirits remain high because being around moody people 24/7 is shit. Even though I am one of them hehehe.

Mind The Gap;

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